We have changed the name of our Endtimes Page to http://satans666xxxnwoexposed.wordpress.com

Our Endtimes Page Name has changed names and locations. The new name is:
http://satans666xxxnwoexposed.wordpress.com for we are trying to Expose SATAN’S 666 NEW WORLD ORDER XXX (XXX refers to the sexual perversions sins of prostitution/fornication/lust involved), therefore please follow us at our new page location, which we shall now be posting more and more Endtimes Satan Exposing Posts, as JESUS IS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS and THE HOLY SPIRIT ANNOINTS – INSPIRES US TO DO!!!

Get Ready, The Rapture of True Believers in Jesus Christ is Coming Soon! Don’t get left behind to face the 7 years of the United Nations Antichrist New World Order led by the Future USA Dictator and UN Security Council Chairman/Secretary General Barack Obama .

Missionary Apostle Jimmy Johnson

http://www.facebook.com/Misssionary Apostle Jimmy Johnson

Prayer Requests or comments at JohnnyLuvsJesus@gmail.com

Visit our Bible Teachings on Endtimes and Basic Gospel of Jesus preachings at:



About satans666xxxnwoexposed

I love Jesus and desire everyone to know the Truth that THE NEW WORLD ORDER is SATAN'S PLAN which the Book of Revelation prophesied about and now is the initial stages. Add me as a Facebook friend if you like at: http://www.facebook.com/missionaryapostlejimmyjohnson; This is our Condensed Facebook version : Who is USA President Barack Obama? Proofs that he is the AFTER THE RAPTURE OF 1 THES. 4:15-18 BOOK OF REVELATION & BOOK OF DANIEL ANTICHRIST BEAST, MAN OF SIN/PERDITION, UN,US, EU, Muslim MAHADI/ANTI-MESSIAH,ANTI-CHRIST requiring everyone to worship him, working alongside the next Roman Catholic Pope, leading a United Nations All Paths Lead to God, New Age…Read our Revelation 13 verse by verse DETAILED VERSION posted previously, which we are working to UPDATE & REVISE & SIMPLYFY Facebook friend me at: Missionary Apostle Jimmy Johnson :)

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